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  •  Typical RW strategy... (8+ / 0-)

    Exaggerate your numbers.

    The "Moral Majority" never spoke for more than probably 5% or so of the population.

    "One Million Moms" of JCP fame is most certainly not more than a few thousand, if that.  (Raise your hand if you had heard of this group before the Ellen thing.)

    Fox News as the self-touting ratings king of cable news.  Plouffe's Audacity to Win had a very good discussion of the importance of cable news in winning over America's hearts and minds, i.e., it's not important.  Only a couple million out of 140+ million voters watch its evening programs, and those couple million people probably already made up their minds.  About three times as many people watch an episode of the CBS Evening News (usually the least watched of the three major evening news programs) than watch any of the prime time programs on Fox News.

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