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View Diary: Republican senators want to sell seniors on Medicare privatization (54 comments)

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  •  I smell a bailout in the future - next recession? (0+ / 0-)

    Maybe those three are going for a few trillion dollars to be spent in the next bailout after the market goes haywire.  How can these guys not have learned a thing and still fail to make decisions around what happens next time?  How do they think it is a good idea to GAMBLE WITH THE MONEY MEANT TO PAY FOR SENIOR'S HEALTHCARE?

    I had to email my friends about MY outrage.  I hope it is OK to post my introduction to your post.

    This stuff drives me batty.  Remember that social security and medicare ARE WORKING AS DESIGNED and have kept seniors from suffering from the effects of the unexperienced a$$h#les who thought deregulation was a good idea.  Yes those idiots that wrecked the economy.  

    Please tell me that wisdom comes with age and you all are going to do something about this with us, the defenders of FDR's strong free market economy that has protection for seniors when the young F#ck things up?  They just don't get that economic collapse IS NOT picky and bankrupts private insurance companies as well.  

    Think back to the start of this Great Recession.  Now consider that not only are banks failing but so are medical insurance providers who have invested their assets in the collapsed market.  Do you think you'll be getting the same care you get right now while they fight to stay solvent?  Can you hear billions of dollars going to another bailout.  

    Leaving things alone is far better than risking a healthcare bailout.  We have got to make that clear to these idiots.  

    I'm guessing that the health insurance companies are lobbying heavily to get this privatized because it means huge profits for them. Do we need more billionaires who have got there on the backs of the working & retired?

    I'm sorry but these three guys seem to be out to "FIX" what isn't broken and is working as designed - protecting seniors from a broken economy.  Please flood these guys with objections, DeMint is 60 years old. Graham is 56. Paul is 49.  

    They say there are strangers who threaten us, ... That those who know what's best for us | Must rise and save us from ourselves. "Witch Hunt" - Neil Ellwood Peart, Canadian lyricist with the band "RUSH".

    by Hualapai on Thu Mar 15, 2012 at 04:35:32 PM PDT

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