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  •  I am. I am done believing that we live in a (2+ / 0-)
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    country that says our votes matter. They don't. The only thing that matters is how much the lobbyist can bribe Kongres.
    The saying that the lesser of 2 evil is still evil is true.
    We would be in the streets over all the shit Obama has pulled if Bush was still in office.
    Assassinating anyone he wants.
    Gitmo is still open. Yes I know, Kongress tied his hands on that.
    He promised to start bringing troops home from Iraq 3 months after he was sworn in.
    But he did everything he could to get the SOF agreement thrown out.
    We only pulled out because the Iraqis wouldn't give the US blanket immunity
    The NDAA, and other bullshit legislation.
    Prosecuting more whistleblowers then anyone else did.
    But I think TPTB knew the US was at the breaking point and ran Obama.
    Cute guy, nice smile, nice family.
    Name more then 5 promises he HASN'T gone back on.
    FISA wasn't filibustered.
    NAFTA wasn't reworked.
    The PO he promised to veto is not in the healthcare bill.
    Worked behind the scenes to make sure it wasn't.
    We have 3 more trade bills.
    Another goddamn  base in Australia
    Not one person that committed banking fraud has been prosecuted.
    BP got to kill the gulf.
    More areas open to drilling.
    More drones flying around the world then during Bush.
    Killing and maiming more innocent people around the world.
    Manning declared guilty before his trial. Was tortured in prison without a word from Obama.
    How many more countries is the US military in now? 6, or 7? Why?
    Went in to Libya to protect US interests first, then to help the population. Helped them by bombing the shit out of their country.
    What happened to the fact about invading a country that is not a threat being a war crime?
    Not a damned word about police brutality.
    More CIA and JSOC running a muck in over 80 countries building prisons, kidnapping and torturing people.
    Putting the people that ruined this country in his cabinet.
    Put the guy from GE, who has off shored so many jobs in charge of his jobs programs.
    Put Duncan in charge of Education.
    Sorry, a vote for Obama is a vote for more killing.
    Yes, it will be worse if a thug gets in.
    But I believe the office of the president is just for show.
    The MICC and TPTB that really run the show are in charge.
    You all know that what I said about if Bush was doing these things, we would be in the streets.
    Much more then OWS.
    HR away.
    Or do you still think he is playing chess, while Americans are thrown out of their houses, starving, ect.


    by snoopydawg on Thu Mar 15, 2012 at 11:06:44 PM PDT

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