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View Diary: Why Democrats Should Oppose Parent Trigger Laws (46 comments)

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  •  If you mean... (0+ / 0-)

    ...this article, I was baffled.

    Nowhere in that article is there any data showing any sort of "success".

    The only thing they achieved (after 10 years) was the winning of a big grant.

    And what tools did they use? Standardized tests and tracking:

    "Testing identifies talented non-white students as early as second grade, to prepare them for demanding high school AP and International Baccalaureate classes that can smooth the path to a college degree."
    But it was this that told me all I needed to know:
    "[Closing the gap] doesn't happen in a year ... it doesn't happen in five years," said Osseo schools Superintendent Kate McGuire, who visited Montgomery County in late January. "This takes a really sustained focus."
    In "five years", my daughter will be entering Middle School. Shall I let her waste the next five years waiting to see if this edubabble pays off? Or should I put her in a Charter that will give good results Right Now?

    Lastly, you wrote:

    " didn't get accomplished with a single silver bullet like parent trigger laws or charter schools. And I would advise you to quit looking for that."
    Imagine if instead of passing Health Care Reform, we just told people to, "Give your Health Insurer more time...just stick with them another five years...reform doesn't happen overnight!"
    •  I'm not criticizing what you do for your daughter (0+ / 0-)

      Parents have to make the best choices they are able to make. But don't assume that what you have to choose for your daughter should be rolled out as national education policy for every American. And I find your trust in parent triggers and charter schools extremely shortsighted. But nevertheless, best of luck in your personal situation.

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