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View Diary: Santorum wants our porn now. Do these people even know what it means to be an American? (170 comments)

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  •  Wow Rick Goes To Mein Kampf Once More (1+ / 0-)
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    When Hitler wanted to legitimize the Nazi party his idea was to make marriage and early marriage their trademark, so that the Nazis would be all about battling syphilis. So there's the themes of fertility and family. Of course, Hilter also spent more than 10 years pandering heavily to the christians and promising the close cooperation of church and state.  And there was also the anti-union campaign.

    But yes, even early on Hitler was all for censorship of pornography, popular entertainment,  and eventually all art that did not serve the Reich.

    There’s always free cheddar in a mousetrap, baby

    by bernardpliers on Thu Mar 15, 2012 at 11:40:59 PM PDT

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