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View Diary: Michael J Fox's take on Limbaugh/Maher (100 comments)

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  •  True. And then there was "Obama's AMerica." (1+ / 0-)
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    Judge Moonbox

    Early in Obama's presidency, Limbaugh turned a fight among 3 school kids into proof that "in Obama's AMerica," white kids are beaten up for being white and no one will protect them, because they're considered guilty for being white.

    ALL the parents in the actual incident said it wasn't a racial fight. But that of couse didn't matter to Rush.

    It was just such a vile racial slander, such a nasty drive to make white Americans afraid of Obama, afraid of black Americans -- afraid for their children.  Black people are out for revenge -- be VERY AFRAID!

    I think we get almost inured to the racism. Oh, sure, there's Limbaugh again, of course he's racist.  But it seems to me he's gotten more blatant and more vile about it since Barack Obama had the gall to win the presidency.  If you're counting up Limbaugh's worst moments, which would be an overwhelming task, I'd put his mockery of Michael J. Fox in there, and the day-after-day slander of Sandra Fluke.  But I'd put "Obama is out to get your kids" in there too.

    "Every part of you belongs to you." -- from a story of Virginia under the Personhood law. Read it here.

    by Fiona West on Fri Mar 16, 2012 at 05:20:24 PM PDT

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