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View Diary: "When you come back in 24 hours, the legal side is over." (116 comments)

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    Sue B
    about risks of infection, hemorrhage, infertility, breast cancer
    what is so cowardly about these people is that they would demand that doctors act the fool or go to jail, and they wouldn't even inform women of the risks of carrying a pregnancy to term! risk of hemorrhage, abortion vs. pregnancy? not close. risk of infection? myriad more possible infections with a live birth. infertility - abortion is just temporary and intentional infertility, but that's mostly all there is to that. breast cancer is known bullshit.

    pregnancy is difficult and can be dangerous. surgical abortion performed by a qualified doctor is much, much less risky, even for a completely healthy pregnancy. these willfully ignorant people aren't just ignorant, they're liars and cowards.

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