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View Diary: Wingnut stereotyped California versus wingnut stereotyped Texas (170 comments)

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  •  "Best state" rankings are generally meaningless... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...because different organizations come out with completely different rankings based on whatever their own ideological axes are -- so even in the same year, you can see completely conflicting rankings.

    In recent years, I've seen rankings that place California as one of the better states to do business...and as one of the worst.  Same for Texas.  

    And in the end, while California and Texas have plenty of differences, they also share many of the same problems:  underfunded, deteriorating educational systems, high rates of poverty, and a high percentage of the population lacking health insurance.  Both also have a high percentage of poor immigrants, both legal and illegal.  

    Truthfully, I don't think that the two states are anywhere near the polar opposites that so many want to portray us as being.

    Political Compass: -6.75, -3.08

    by TexasTom on Sun Apr 01, 2012 at 07:25:59 PM PDT

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