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View Diary: Walker and Kleefisch Recall Is Coming! (126 comments)

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  •  June 5th already has a few holidays associated (8+ / 0-)

    with it.

    They include:

    Gingerbread Day:

    Mmmmm - I like sweets.  Wouldn't it be sweet to see all the GOP candidates replaced!

    This is the day when bakers brew up sweet muffins, cakes and baked delights, filled with tangy gingery deliciousness. Scandinavian bakeries, in particular, emit the tempting aroma of Pepparkakors, the traditional Swedish gingerbread cookies.
    Gingerbread Day is the ideal occasion for reading the beloved Grimm's Fairy Tale of Hansel and Gretel with children of all ages, but in Wisconsin's version we all get to push the evil Witch, Lord Walker, into the oven with the rest of his rubberstamp legislators.  

    Fly a Kite Day:

    On June 5, 1752, Benjamin Franklin harnessed electricity from lightning with a kite. Since then, June 5th has been known as Fly a Kite Day in America.
    I look forward to telling Walker to "Go Fly a Kite!"

    Hot Air Balloon Day

    On June 5, 1783, Joseph Michel Montgolfier and his brother, Jacques Etienne Montgolfier, filled a linen bag with hot air for a ten-minute flight over more than a mile near Lyon, France. This was the first ever hot air balloon flight. Later that year, the Montgolfier brothers flew over Paris in the first manned hot air balloon flight.
    I can't wait to let the hot air out of the GOP's balloon!

    And my personal favorite:

    Attitude Day -

    folks can change their mental channels and improve their outlooks.

    Wisconsinites around the state will rejoice in the change of attititude at the State Capital from secret meetings and closed door sessions to one of openness and transparency.

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