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  •  there is more than one way to be active (2+ / 0-)
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    on this issue, and more than one way to work on solutions.

    Yes, we unfortunately all know about the growth of repressive policing if we frequent this blog in earnest.

    But more likely to turn down the thermostat,  be concerned about what kind of products we use because some are greener, to even take an interest in the subject, to believe you can have an effect?    Those are some of the areas that young people seem to have lost interest in, and quite frankly, none of those let the police dogs in the house.

    People ignore how much our willingness, as the general population acting individually but with a concern for the issue, can change how much fuel we use, how much we treat consumer products as throwaways, how our purchasing decisions will get the giant corporations attention in a heartbeat, they track our purchasing behavior all the time.   So we don't have to protest in the streets for some huge goverment change, we can change us and have a profound impact on energy consumption, the products we are offered in the market place, if we just choose to.   It doesn't resolve the whole problem, not by a long shot, but if the US population started acting, as individuals, but in larger numbers,   we would see more things change.   Awareness and outspokeness with neighbors,  this blog has authors like ASeilig who has tips and plans, gmoke that goes even further,  we can be part of the solution.  I have passed their information on to the local school board to consider, maybe they didn't adopt everything, but they did have an evaluation and make some changes, maybe more to save money than anything to save the environment, but I know it has some little impact.

    Just telling the next drill here drill now spouter that we have somewhere near four times the righs, 23 million more acres open to leases than in the Bush Administration and it doesn't change pump prices might help.  Two percent of the oil, twenty percent of the use.   Simple enough math that anyone who wants to learn, can learn.

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