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View Diary: As expected, deal-breaking Republicans will take defense spending cuts off the table in new budget (128 comments)

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    You knew they were going to try and weasel out of it.  The question is, does OUR side LET them?  The House can't pass a budget without Senate agreement.  The Congress can't pass a budget without a Presidential signature.  That's two vetoes waiting to be used.  Either they keep the deal, or they offer a reasonable alternative that spares the domestic entitlements as much as the Pentagon, or it comes back stamped NO.  And if they shut down the government with their whining and backstabbing, we can make sure that THEY are the ones blamed for it because of their utterly dismal record on bargaining in good faith that even the MSM "gets" now.

    Of course, that does require either Reid or Obama to grow at least as much backbone as a Chesapeake Bay Jellyfish.  The kind that caves at all points, engulfs your extended limb in amorphous slime, and then eviscerates it with acid burns.  A fitting fate for our fickle Republican colleagues.  Let 'em have it.  

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