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    ...but it's so seat-of-the-pants and unmeasured that it would be unusable to anyone else.

    Essentially, a biryani is a hearty pilaf, traditionally served at feasts.  I don't do it exactly the way Indian cooks would, but I follow their basic trajectory and modify it as needed to suit a Western kitchen and my own laziness.  

    The one I made tonight called for frying a couple of large onions in ghee, then adding a couple of pounds of stew-size chunks of beef chuck and a couple of tablespoons of garlic paste, cooking that a few minutes, then adding a pint of water and some ginger paste and covering the pot to stew for an hour or more.  Then add about a pint of yogurt, chopped up tomatoes (I used fresh ones that looked good at the grocer this morning), and spices, maybe a dozen spices but I kept this one mild as befits a springtime dish, and let that simmer while you make rice.

    I make rice the Western way, about four cups of grain, holding back about three cups of the water one would use for that quantity, and cooking it only about halfway.  That semi-cooked rice you use to line the bottom of an 8-quart dutch oven, then add half of the meat and veggie stew, then more rice, then the remainder of the stew, and top with rice.  Place that, covered, in the oven on 375 for thirty minutes, then remove the lid for another ten minutes.  Pull it out and serve hot.  Scooping it out deeply preserves a roughly picturesque effect of the layering.

    And after eating this don't expect to do anything strenuous for the rest of the evening.  Just settle back and enjoy the flavors.

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