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View Diary: Breaking: "First Degree Homicide Of The Unborn Child Bill" Passes CO House On Second Reading (202 comments)

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  •  I think you're right. (9+ / 0-)

    The most problematic thing about this bill, as I'm reading it, is the language conferring personhood on the embryo or fetus.  Even if there are sufficient exemptions to cover birth control and abortion, it's a bad precedent to allow language like that into the statutes.

    •  And I may be wrong about that. (2+ / 0-)
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      CJB, BlueSue

      I'm looking through the bill again and not seeing personhood language.  It's all "unlawful termination of pregnancy".  This bill may be more or less that same as laws that other states have passed.  It might even be not as bad as some.

    •  Does it really confer personhood? (9+ / 0-)

      It certainly implies it since a person would be prosecuted but it doesn't seem to be specific like those personhood amendments where even certain forms of birth control pills would be unlawful.

      I do think this is that slippery slope with these fetal murder laws. Women are being arrested. Some of these laws seem to be written too broadly.

      From Health Freedom Alliance:

      Miscarriage? Face Prison Time For Murder

      Did you know that US women are currently facing prison time for murder after suffering miscarriages and stillbirths?

      At least 38 states have introduced “foetal homicide laws” and around 300 women in South Carolina alone have been arrested for suspected actions that may or may not have occurred during pregnancy.

      Rennie Gibbs is accused of murder, but the crime she is alleged to have committed does not sound like an ordinary killing. Yet she faces life in prison in Mississippi over the death of her unborn child.

      Gibbs became pregnant aged 15, but lost the baby in December 2006 in a stillbirth when she was 36 weeks into the pregnancy. When prosecutors discovered that she had a cocaine habit – though there is no evidence that drug abuse had anything to do with the baby’s death – they charged her with the “depraved-heart murder” of her child, which carries a mandatory life sentence.

      Gibbs is the first woman in Mississippi to be charged with murder relating to the loss of her unborn baby. But her case is by no means isolated. Across the US more and more prosecutions are being brought that seek to turn pregnant women into criminals.

      In one case, a woman’s unborn baby was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and she declined the doctor’s suggestion to abort. Her baby died after a premature birth and six months later she was arrested at home and retroactively charged with “chemical endangerment” during pregnancy. She denied taking drugs and there was no evidence, but she faces 10 years behind bars.

      Laws like this, ultrasound bills, the contraception debate, the defunding of Planned Parenthood and others have certainly given a big lesson on the consequences of sitting out an election or casting a protest vote for a candidate with no chance of winning.
      •  Not defending this bill (3+ / 0-)
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        althea in il, Cordyc, BlueSue

        but it seems to provide an exemption to horrors such as the ones you mention.  

        "Nothing is this artical shall permit the prosecution of a woman for any act or any failure to act with regard to her own pregnancy." (18-3.5-102 (2)

        That being said, I think they're skating as close to the "personhood" arguement as they can and still have a chance of this passing.

        Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. ~ Abraham Lincoln

        by CJB on Sat Mar 17, 2012 at 10:13:57 AM PDT

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