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View Diary: Breaking: "First Degree Homicide Of The Unborn Child Bill" Passes CO House On Second Reading (202 comments)

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    The FB page of Texas State Rep. Sid Miller has been taken over by angry hordes of (mostly) women who are taking him to school over the "Sonogram Bill" lampooned last week by Doonesbury.

    This entry did my heart good.

    I have a newfound respect for the women who came before me and fought so hard for women's rights. The right to vote, the right to care for our bodies as we sit fit, the right to bear children when we're safe and ready, fair pay, the right to buy property without a man's signature.... the list goes on. I took it all for granted because it is our due but now that's it being threatened I appreciate how hard all of those women worked and fought for those basic human rights and I am so grateful for their sacrifice. I hope that this time around, as evil is rearing its ugly head, the fight will be brief and much less painful and that in our success this time around we will make even further strides forward.

    "Texas is going to shrink government until it fits into a woman's uterus." -- Texas State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte

    by moiv on Sun Mar 18, 2012 at 11:24:05 AM PDT

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