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View Diary: Take Your Vaginal Probe And Go Stick It Up Your Ass (118 comments)

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  •  The Democrats should exploit this. (0+ / 0-)

    The fact they won't is rather sad.

    Here's a commercial that I would make:

    A bruised young girl, maybe twelve, is shown from the eyes up only.  In the background, we hear hospital noises and voices talking.  About her.

    A man's voice: "My God.  She's been through enough already.  You can't really intend to do this."

    Another male voice: "It's the law now.  We have no choice.  If you want to terminate..."

    "She's only twelve!  She was raped...  By her own..."

    Tears run from her eyes.

    "I know.  But the law is the law...  Oh brother.  This isn't why I went to medical school."

    We pan back and see a form on a table, a doctor approaching, the only light the one on his forehead, his face otherwise invisible other than the white face mask, and he's approaching her holding a vaginal probe.  As the camera whisks away, the words,

    This is what passes for "law" in Texas, Virginia [and whatever others states] due to the Republican Party.

    America: Protect your children from these people.

    And we hear a girl's helpless whimpers and cries in the background.

    Too strong for TV, maybe.  But it would be powerful on the Internet and anywhere it would show, and even if it couldn't make TV, the buzz alone from reporters talking about it would be pretty enormous.

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