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View Diary: Sarah Palin's legacy is Mitt Romney's problem (283 comments)

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  •  Hope you don't mind (21+ / 0-)

    if I disagree with you a bit---it might make you feel better.

    a.) They are a minority, no matter the mirage the media and this year's GOP primary is painting.  Their win in the mid terms, imo, was a knee jerk spasm to the economy, not the strength of the right wing nuttia.  They banged their drums all right, but Americans were really just trying to vote their way out of frustration that 30 years of foul economic policy couldn't be turned around in 2 years.

    Americans are a very entitled bunch.  They don't believe they should have to put up with anything icky for long.  And so they thought, what the hell, let's throw the keys back to the other side and see if they can dig us out in the next two years.

    Well, look what's happened.  Jobs, jobs, jobs, turned into a deficit witch hunt and a war on women's health, worker and gay rights.  Americans are not unaware of this, to say the least, and the polls show it over and over again.  They don't like the Republican congress.  

    Which is to say, the Tea Party and the shenanigans of the right will not be the magnet for moderate voters and independents the way it was in 2010.

    B.)  Yes, the money is a problem, a big problem.  But it's not always successful, it not even mostly successful.  If you look at Mitt's money dump, Santorum should have been dust a long time ago.  In Wisconsin, Walker has run millions of ads to veritable silence from the more cash strapped recall forces, but the state remains evenly split.
    It will be a matter of GOTV and the last of the undecided that will make the difference in the recall.  

    There are many other examples of where money can't buy you love in politics---particularly since much of that money ends up spent unwisely, over saturating the media and causing the message to become white noise.

    c.) This WILL BE a tough election, particularly in the senate.  Which is why I would like to see the Daily Kos instigate a program called "adopt a senator" that allows us all to pick a vulnerable candidate from anywhere and work very hard for them, if our own senator is very or fairly safe.

    Obama won with only 52% of the vote, after a wildly unpopular president and war and a collapsed economy.  This is a divided country.  But I do believe if we work as hard as we did in 2008, we will win what we need. I think Obama's chances are excellent, but we must keep the senate, and it would be great to take the house.

    We have a good chance to do it all, imo, but much of it is up to us.  

    •  Keeping the Senate is a double edged sword (7+ / 0-)

      when there are Senators like my own Sen. Wyden.  I'm still in WTF mode with his teaming up with Paul Ryan to kill Medicare.  I'm not optimistic it will pass in the Senate but I'm pissed at Wyden for bearding the right on this one.  He owes us better than this but apparently will leave the Senate when his term is up with the warm, just pissed his pants feeling that he was 'courageous'.

      •  I feel the same way (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        SallyCat, vcmvo2

        about your Senator Wyden.  GRRRRRRRRRRR.  And I love your phrase "bearding the right."  Perfect.

        But one or a couple blue dog turn coats, frustrating as they are, do not make keeping the senate a double edged sword, imo.  Think of all the things the senate has stopped sent up by the crazy house. Only one useful blade, and that's keeping the senate

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