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  •  Diminishment (5+ / 0-)

    On that subject, I posted this on another diary.  It seems appropriate to reuse it:

    In my own ever so humble opinion,
    any human who actually believes that our species can be anything but diminished when a full half of the population is prevented from reaching their full potential is frankly insane.  The challenges we will face over the next century or two are unprecedented in our long history on this planet, and an individual or group seeking to cripple the species by disempowering women must be viewed as a threat to our long term survival.  As well to cut off one leg before running a marathon and see how well you fare.
    Sort of an "ask not for whom the bell tolls" kind of thing, as we are all diminished when one of us is, and our future is that much poorer for it.  It still staggers me that there are people for whom this absurdity is not only normal, but absolutely essential in their twisted version of a well-ordered cosmos.

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