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  •  I don't know if I'd call it "firming up their (1+ / 0-)
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    self-respect" -- the book (and movie) was patronizing and conveyed the attitude that women should never be the ones to do the choosing (of male partners). That assertiveness is inherently a turnoff.

    •  The movie (0+ / 0-)

      Was unrecognizable from the book, IMO.

      I also recognized the same exact point, like why can't women be the ones to make the decision in the first place?  I considered that at length.

      Basically what he's saying is men are just selfish by nature, and if you don't make them toe the line, they won't.  So for me, it's like an admission on his part that you have to simply avoid the ones that haven't demonstrated an interest in respecting you.  Like assume they're dicks until proven otherwise.

      I have to say following his advice not only in a dating context, but in life, has been a good thing. YMMV.

    •  Typical (2+ / 0-)
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      Xavier Onassis EMTP, mariva

      I wrote about that in a previous diary, how much it scares certain males when women are assertive or angry.

      Often those modes of behavior are labeled unfeminine.

      As if there were such a thing.

      Strict  Gender Roles SUCK!
      For Everyone.

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