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  •  Oh, I was called an old Mammabear long before (2+ / 0-)
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    sasharusa, Xavier Onassis EMTP

    Palin ruined the term.

    Oh sure it hurts, but those people learn big lessons soon enough and by their own hand too.  

    We are still here, and still strong. That ought to count for something.

    Trying to force someone with PTSD to be "normal" is a big mistake. Others do not realize that our brain chemistry is permanently altered. And what they are asking for is physically and chemically impossible.

    After such experiences, even without the PTSD you are never going to look at people or society the same again. It would be like asking you to unlearn the sky is blue.

    And with PTSD, the way you negotiate the acquisition and processing of data will also be different. If they allow us to accept that and learn to live through it, things can get better.

    But making us deny that, and ignore it, only makes it worse.

    But what are we going to do? It would be like trying to teach someone to see extra colors or hear above or below the normal human range. You cannot teach that. They either trust you enough to accept you are negotiating reality differently, or it's going to make them real uncomfortable being in your presence.

    I imagine that one day, people with chronic PTSD may be classified as neurologically different--rather than mentally ill.

    Because after a while, with some support and some stability, we learn to cope and be highly functional. But it's a hell of an adjustment.

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