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    Frankly, I find these anti-women and anti-sex views un-Christian. Christianity is supposed to be about love. The whole point of Christianity is the triumph of love over simple-minded application of the law. You can see that in the story of Jesus with the adulteress.

    From my point of view, sex is inherently loving and does not need to be redeemed by marriage or any ritual. (More at Political Philosophy of Sex on Dkosopedia, if you're inclined.) When people (ancient or modern) try to punish sexuality (on the part of men or women) they are violating fundamental tenants of Christianity. For bishops or other members of the church to do this is particularly offensive because they should know better.

    As for the attack on contraceptives and abortions, this is obviously not supported by the Bible. In the day, even born children weren't always considered "people" as we would think of them, as you can see from the passage above:

    ...a woman who exposes her unwanted child because she has been raped by an enemy...
    which means that she can leave the newborn out on the rocks to die. Valicellanum probably represented the common view of the church and most people that children weren't really people, and the church obviously didn't feel that slaves or women were people in the same sense as men.

    At his time, I'm sure that this was a fight against pagans. But today this hostility to sex and to women's rights has more to do with money. Years of the very rich funding the church have (IMO) taken their toll and warped church views of sexuality to favor procreation. This all favors the rich because it produces more workers and more consumers.

    But for anyone that steps back and thinks about what's good for humans, limiting births makes sense, especially with population over 7 billion and headed toward 10-12 billion at peak. This is insanity and limiting birth control and abortions is dysfunctional in our current situation. In the 8th century it was merely prejudice and parochialism. Today it could literally mean the end of humanity by running us right out of resources.

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