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  •  Pelosi's piece was cowardly appeasement (10+ / 0-)

    She got push-back from the right over the Mississippi piece, so in order to appease those critics she bent over backwards to fabricate "balance". What annoyed me about her piece was not so really about what it showed. Of course you could go to a food stamp line in NYC and seek out a few people to say stupid stuff and find them. But that's just the problem. That is exactly what she did in order to deliver the "balance".

    Recall, last week's airing of her Mississippi video was prefaced with a long explanation that they did NOT do any cherry-picking here with the editing or who to record. They just went around to some poor areas of rural MS and that's what they got. What they cut was really no different than what they left in, so they strenuously said.

    Then suddenly this week they just moved the goalposts, and very obviously went out and deliberately cherry-picked people saying stuff in line with conservative stereo-types about "all the blacks on welfare". They did not just get those kind of comments from everyone, or just happen upon tons of people holding beer cans in paper bags, and talking about gettin' them some "Obama-bucks". I mean this is a food stamp line. A lot of the people there are going to be normal mothers and old ladies waiting to get their needed food stamps, but they don't say the right stuff for the camera.

    So one week they go out with no intention to manipulate or cherry-pick to get any desired result, and insist they did NOT do that. Then the next week they completely dispense with that and obviously cherry-pick to get the desired narrative, for "balance", and then say hey see how fair and balanced I am. The left is just as bad.

    I call BS.

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