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    First, I don't like Real Time. I do not think Bill is funny, insightful or offers value. Recently he came up with 'Dispatches From The Bubble' and I thought that was a decent idea. I have digressed
    I thought the piece was a counterpoint to the video of the one from the south to show the ugly side. If we are to ever get past the comments made in the first segment of her documentary series (Half breed ? really) we have to address the second.
    Pelosi did describe the entitlement culture reasonably - from corporations to people , and Maher addressed issues of the second video (they don't hire black door men, prisoners have difficulty finding work-which is illegal to discriminate by the way ) .
    If we are to look at why people say the vial things they say , we have to address the issues we don't want to.
    I live in Philly and everyone is open minded and so pure of heart - until a house for sale is purchased by a realtor and approved for Section 8. All the created equal and everyone deserves help talk stops and the bigotry flies .
    There are many things that have to be fixed in this country and ethnic bigotry is a big problem - it prevents us from facing the common problems we all share.
    Whatever. I wouldn't take the show that seriously, only Bill Maher does. Christ he thinks he is a comedian

    you can't remain neutral on a moving train

    by rmfcjr on Sun Mar 18, 2012 at 03:10:51 AM PDT

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