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    Also not the point of the diary, whether or not the women should be punished.

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      Frankly your comment on the idea that attractive women are more likely to get away with statutory rape than plain ones was pretty typical--as is the fact that whenever women's issues start getting publicity men generally leap in to say "men have problems too". Happens with any  female-oriented dairy that makes the Rec List or is Rescued.

       As for the "Hottest Women" crap--yes, it concentrates only on women's appearance. But there are usually  "hottest Men" lists that go long, and they do the same thing.  

      A man I knew almost 40 years ago  who was an artist pointed out to me that we are visual creatures (and if you don't believe women notice a great ass or a terrific set of abs or a broad pair of shoulders, just as men notice big boobs or a pair of legs and a terrific ass, you're living in dreamland--and that from across a room all you have to go on is what soemone looks like.  He told me as he was painting a nude portrait of me, " They'll see your red hair and your curvy figure and your  facial figures. That may get them over tot alk to you--but it's who you are that will keep them beside you." And he was right.  In my youth, I bordered on beautiful--I was at leasy pretty.   But the men I truly liked were the oens who were as attracted to my mind and my breasts.  Hell, my current husband and I talked for an hour in a dark van on a trip to an SCA event--before we ever saw each other's faces in light.

      What bothers me MUCH mroe that  the NYT does a piece of Gloria Steinem, a brilliant woman--and sticks it int he Style section instead of in the news section. ANd that the Post  after every election does a piece ont he Women of Congress--and mostly asks them for fashion tips. Can you imagine them asking Rand Paul and the Tea Party newbies something that trivial? Or sticking in the style section?

      The last time we mixed religion and politics people got burned at the stake.

      by irishwitch on Mon Mar 19, 2012 at 03:37:21 PM PDT

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