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View Diary: Is the "Stand Your Ground Law" a license to kill? (92 comments)

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    But it is undeniable that 1 in 4 people committing fatal violence are using guns to kill people. And that's a devastating problem begging for a reasonable and logical solution.
    I would argue that the solution for this problem lies in identifying the root causes of violent crime and addressing them. What are the triggers, the threats, the conditions, the activities, what are the root causes of violent crime (murder, rape, robbery and assault)? I don't believe that a firearm is the root cause of anything. This is why I am more interested in addressing the issues of education, economic conditions, physical health and mental well being and the failed war on drugs. I believe it is these things that are the root causes of violent crime and are what need to be addressed.

    Any power that government amasses will not be relinquished and any right we give up we give up forever.

    by oldpunk on Tue Mar 20, 2012 at 07:37:16 PM PDT

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