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View Diary: Mitt and Ann Romney are super-excited that women care about the economy (102 comments)

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  •  Besides the obvious of Ann Romney being (0+ / 0-)

    very wealthy and we have had first ladies who are quite wealthy....there is another thing a friend was talking about ....

    **. They have no daughters. Granted, that is not their fault. But some will have trouble belieive Mitt and Ann care about young women's health and their futures as passionately like Hillary did or Michelle Obama does or even Laura Bush did.  ( they do have a point, a lot of our ex Presidents had daughters...LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, Obama, Truman and more.

    I think If elected, bite my tongue and wash my mouth out with soap, Mitt would be one of the few Presidents since Lincoln to have All sons and no daughters.

    Interesting my friend thought of this.

    •  Even Dubya had only daughters and his daughter, (0+ / 0-)

      was doing ads for same sex marriage in NY.

      My thought is the Bush girls are far more liberal, intelligent and rational than their dad ever was.

      I think even Laura said she does not agree wtih her husband on a number of issues.

      Bush girls get their brains from their mother.

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