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    paying the babysitter does not enable them to commit crimes--if they did so, they chose to do so.  what i am saying is that, for the majority of catholic pedophile priests, the catholic church used tithe money to cover up the crimes.  my "paying the babysitter" is not covering up the crime, and if i were told about it, you damn well bet the babysitter would be arrested for that crime--NOT HIDDEN AWAY TO MOLEST AGAIN.  

    you're right--agents of the us government have done bad things.  but a lot of those bad things have been uncovered, and people are fighting to change how the government does things to ensure that the future is better than the past--including electing officials who are willing to fight against those bad things.  do you see the catholic hierarchy fighting to change their stance on child molestation?  no, they fight to cover it up.  

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