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  •  Heinous influence (3+ / 0-)

    I think that most institutions - government, political, corporate, religious - have both a dark side as well as one that is well intentioned and has positive effect.

    I do not pretend to defend the many black stains on the institution of the R.C. Church - in the past centuries and in the common era - but rather, do want to convey that sense of community that binds so many of us that still identify as being Catholic.

    You may have also noted the incredibly high percentages of Catholic voters that are for birth control, vote for Democratic Party candidates that are pro-choice and generally push back at both the religious right and the bat shit crazies from the other denominations.  To wit - if Santorum was to run against Obama head to head, I would posit that more than 60% of Catholic voters would turn their back on a fellow Catholic and support the far less extreme President Obama.

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