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  •  Oh that is what puke rags are made for (1+ / 0-)
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    A diaper or towel or whatever you have on your shoulder or where needed when burping.
    Most babies have gentle non-stinky puke, more sweetly called "spit up"
    (A nephew had projectile vomiting but that is another story)

    I nursed my son and his dad declared himself the burper. He walked in once when I had just burped him, took the rag and said he never thought he'd feel like he lost out on something when his son spit up on someone else, but he did. That was his job!

    So baby spit up might repulse you less than you think or not at all.

    Stock up on sleep pamper your wife (and buy her flowers every year on baby's birthday), be patient with yourself and just open your heart to your little sweetie

    Congratulations to you all
    Tell Ms mim5677 I wish her a joyous life and thanks for coming to earth.

    Oh... and my favorite bible line. Jesus was getting baptized and God spoke
    This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.
    I've always used the line, often with amendments as needed.
    You are my Beloved Son in whom I am very irritated.
    You are my Beloved Daughter who I am about to ground.
    You are my Beloved Son to who I say Good Night.
    Just so they know they are beloved
    and may all children feel their belovedness, children of all ages, even very old ones.

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