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View Diary: Bloomberg Bans Food Donations to Homeless Shelters (165 comments)

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  •  No, they're afraid of the "Hamas Effect" (4+ / 0-)

    Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by many countries, swept the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006.  WHY would people elect this organization to run their government?  Because it turns out that Hamas was also doing a lot of humanitarian work, like running soup kitchens, schools, clinics, shelters, orphanages, sports programs for kids, etc.  Helping others, particularly in an environment where a lot of people desperately need help, turns out to be a great big fat awesome way to recruit a LOT of people into your cause (and win the general goodwill anyone not actively participating.)  I think the people in power right now understand very clearly that if they don't put a crimp in populist organizations' ability to recruit through doing good deeds, they're going to be swept out of power a few elections down the road from now.  Few things are more inspiring than people helping each other out in large numbers.  If good deeds are illegal, then this power to inspire is taken away. :(

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