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  •  I have students w/wide range of opinions (3+ / 0-)
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    by now they know I am not completely predictable.  In AP classes we read SCOTUS opinions and not just the opinions of the Court, but also dissents and concurrences.  Thus my students have heard me take apart Breyer's reasoning on one of his dissents but also compliment him for recusing himself from all 3 cases that started in his brother's courtroom (eg:  Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative).

    It perhaps helps that I was not only active in civil rights, but also volunteered for the Marine Corps in in 1965, even though I opposed the war in Vietnam (for some reasons on both sides that mattered to me).

    I often expose my students to material that might be considered "critical" -  on its anniversary I walked them through the My Lai Massacre and pointed at parallels in other conflicts, such as No Gun Ri in Korea and the activities of Navy Seals under command of Bob Kerrey in Vietnam, as well more recent events in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I take them back to the Fort Pillow Massacre during the Civil War.  I talk about the Sand Creek Massacre.

    I challenge them to think.  I also tell them of the former students who have been serving in Iraq & Afghanistan, including one who did 5 tours in the former.  

    Many of my students read what I post online, and I know of about a dozen former students who are registered members of this site, as well as an equal number of others from our school that I did not teach.

    "what the best and wisest parent wants for his child is what we should want for all the children of the community" - John Dewey

    by teacherken on Sun Mar 25, 2012 at 08:15:21 AM PDT

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