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  •  mistur jonsin (4.00)
    it is not fayr for u 2 not let rex chays skwerls. eevin if u had a skwerl god wen u wur a pupy. wat if u wurshipt a kat. wud u not let rex chays them catz? if rex had a shooo god iz it ohkay 4 him 2 byt yor aynkl if u put a shooo on? no. u shud let rex chays skwerls and catz but no skunks. chayseen skwerls and catz iz fun. rex did not say 4 me 2 ryt this. hee haznt bin on lyn at al. did u chanj yor paswerd? that suks. jet, kalbrayth rojrs dog.
    •  Wow, Jet! (4.00)
      You spell better than 50% of the right-wing population of the US!

      Good boy! Get those squirrels! And keep learning how to read and write- some day, you may even be allowed to run for President! (After all, the Republicans are trying to run a Wiener!)

      (Get yourself a treat- they're on the second shelf on the left in the pantry. But don't tell Calbraith I told you.)

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