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  •  A Poem (4.00)
    A number of years ago when I took a poetry writing seminar I wrote a poem about a black squirrel who was a symbol of rebirth.  

    I thought it was brilliant (as I am sure everyone here would agree).  But, the instructor just didn't get it.  The idiot thought I was writing about a squirrel when I was really writing about...well, something more important than the squirrel, but not sure what.  This was in my "female diety" period.

    I wish I could find a copy of it.  I could donate it to the emerging squirrel canon.

    •  True story: (none)
      I was picking up my daughter at school one day, she must have been about 10 years old. We saw a black squirrel at the base of a tree.  Black squirrels are pretty rare around here so I pointed it out to her. "Cool" she said and then she turned to me and asked "are there such things as black squirrels?"  

      All I could do was laugh.

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