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View Diary: 911 call by Trayvon Martin shooter seems to include a racial epithet (290 comments)

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  •  If you tell people to listen for "fucking coons" (3+ / 0-)
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    slothlax, Zero The Hero, NYFM

    They'll hear fucking coons - every time. The reality, if you were to hear this tape for the first time with no knowledge of the case, is it's a very garbled low-quality recording. Part of it is static, and part of it could be "fuckin' coons" - it could also be:

    "He's fuckin close"
    "Fuckin' knew it"
    "Fuckin' [garbled static sounds]"
    "Fuckin' [heavy breathing]"

    I'm just saying, the case certainly seems bad and the police mishandled it, but the old "don't you hear this in the recording" trick always produces what you've suggested when the audio's unclear.

    •  wrong, there are other video clips (1+ / 0-)
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      in which it you can clearly understand and hear it.

      I didn't know this racial slur before (foreigner not very well familiar with racial slang) and listened to all the video clips of the 911 call ,which were published here on dailykos.

      In two of them I could clearly understand the term "coons" and because I didn't know that term, I was even wondering why they would use the word "coon" as a racial slur (mind you I have a coon hound dog, which is the most docile and calm kind of dog I have seen).

      After that I started to read the comments and then looked up the expression to understand that among Americans it's a well know racial slur. Don't try to pretend it's not clearly to hear. It is, even for those, who didn't know what kind of words they were supposed to hear, nor knowing the meaning of what they heard.

      •  actually even listening for the words (0+ / 0-)

        The closest thing I hear is "fuckin' cones" - that was my actual first guess at what he actually said. I discount that because I can't imagine he suddenly tripped over a traffic cone or stepped on a pine cone.

        Sure, I can interpret it as fuckin coons, but there are so many other possibilities between the static, the heavy breathing, the cellular distortion, the low quality recording and the fact this guy could even be muttering Spanish.

        Is there anything similar he could have muttered to himself in Spanish? Maricons (not that that'd be much better).

        •  If you live in the south you've heard this before (0+ / 0-)

          It's a pretty standard racial slur.  NBC News was convinced about what they heard.  They reported on it during the news Tuesday night.

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