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    and then some. Seems pretty simple as nobody is forcing these regressive nasty fools to participate in modern society or become 'liberuls'. I thought the conservative mantra was if the government shows up to help your screwed (paraphrase). This lot however want to declare war on your vagina and your sex life to the point where they get to declare their own perverted idea of gender or 'family' or even love on the rest of us.

    So we get them in our bedrooms and our minds but as far as getting government  'help' for families, the poor, children or old people your on your own, deadbeats. We own your wombs, your labor, your evil minds, even your schools, you heathen commie liberals.  

    The common good and secular democracy is an alien concept to the fearful hateful, segment of our populace, By God they want us all to believe and obey the rules that say humans are evil and must be controlled. Killing, torture, wars, bribery, usury, corruption, fascism, ignorance are all American values  because the only authority, the voice of God and divine providence, that counts is ours.  

    Then again all the political hucksters from all segments of our messed up politics proclaim they are divine. Goldman Sachs is doing 'Gods work' and the free market fraudsters proclaim this Oligarchical Collectivism is inevitable and as Axelrod said 'the world as we find it'. No where to turn no where to go.

    'Mind your own business' if only we the people had a way to mind our business as citizens.  Instead we have to fight culture wars with the lunatic, pig ignorant religious on one front and on the other the ideology that says these people are nuts but were better.  We only take your civil/human  rights and your common good as a society and ask you to believe that 'victories for compromise' is somehow better then what the lunatics are going to do to you. Maybe that's true but what a choice.            

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