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View Diary: Rick, If You're Against Porn, Don't Watch It (137 comments)

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    It's always the people without a working brain who cannot express themselves without baseless ad hominem insults.

    So you keep clutching at the idea that you have something worthwhile to say, or a brain capable of creating a coherent thought (I know these words are probably too big for you to comprehend, but there are dictionaries out there, look them up) and I'll keep making valid points and being intelligent and articulate.

    I win!

    You're a loser.

    (Hey, who told you how to properly employ the contraction in "you're"? Seriously, people like you usually use "your" when they mean "you're." Maybe there's hope for you yet. But I doubt it.)

    •  What (0+ / 0-)

      valid point.

      Are a San Fernando Valley single mom doing porn for $1,000 a day?

      Yeah thought so.

      Go work at Foxconn. Suits you.

      •  Umm, yeah (0+ / 0-)

        A typical porn "actress" makes between $200-800 per scene, depending on various factors. Shooting several scenes a day (not atypical in the very quick production times and very low cost porn industry), an actress can easily make $1,000 a day doing two to three sex scenes.

        Many porn actresses and strip club dancers are single moms, raising a kid in what can be (for the right person) a very profitable, low- or no-education-needed, lots of free time to raise your kid,  industry.

        And again, your response was moronic and now you've added ill-informed. And you continue to insult and abuse, apparently believing you are being righteous. Or something.

        I reiterate, you are a loser.

        I suggest a name change: Crazy like a Loser.

        Suits you.

        (I win again. Care to go another round? I shall taunt you again! Silly English ka-nighette! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Fptthhhhhhhhhhh!)

        •  So (0+ / 0-)

          you're a porn actress or just an accountant to the porn actresses?

          •  OK, so you're clearly a fool (0+ / 0-)

            Do you even read, or do you have people sound out the letters for you?

            Do you have a point to make or is it all just random letters stumbling out of your keyboard?

            At this point, I would suggest you need therapy. Or an education. Have you considered Lithium?

            Maybe you should change your screen name to, "Crazy. Just Flat Out Crazy."

            You remain a loser. Pathetic and sad.

            At this point, I'm not even enjoying winning. It's not a contest. You got nothin.'

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