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View Diary: Rick, If You're Against Porn, Don't Watch It (137 comments)

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  •  What (0+ / 0-)

    valid point.

    Are a San Fernando Valley single mom doing porn for $1,000 a day?

    Yeah thought so.

    Go work at Foxconn. Suits you.

    •  Umm, yeah (0+ / 0-)

      A typical porn "actress" makes between $200-800 per scene, depending on various factors. Shooting several scenes a day (not atypical in the very quick production times and very low cost porn industry), an actress can easily make $1,000 a day doing two to three sex scenes.

      Many porn actresses and strip club dancers are single moms, raising a kid in what can be (for the right person) a very profitable, low- or no-education-needed, lots of free time to raise your kid,  industry.

      And again, your response was moronic and now you've added ill-informed. And you continue to insult and abuse, apparently believing you are being righteous. Or something.

      I reiterate, you are a loser.

      I suggest a name change: Crazy like a Loser.

      Suits you.

      (I win again. Care to go another round? I shall taunt you again! Silly English ka-nighette! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Fptthhhhhhhhhhh!)

      •  So (0+ / 0-)

        you're a porn actress or just an accountant to the porn actresses?

        •  OK, so you're clearly a fool (0+ / 0-)

          Do you even read, or do you have people sound out the letters for you?

          Do you have a point to make or is it all just random letters stumbling out of your keyboard?

          At this point, I would suggest you need therapy. Or an education. Have you considered Lithium?

          Maybe you should change your screen name to, "Crazy. Just Flat Out Crazy."

          You remain a loser. Pathetic and sad.

          At this point, I'm not even enjoying winning. It's not a contest. You got nothin.'

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