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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Rep. Don Manzullo loses, but few surprises in Illinois (97 comments)

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    With data that inconsistent and gathered within a week, someone should have questioned the validity of the poll before it was released. In a race where television was a non-factor and literature drops reined, it's hard to believe that such dramatic swings would have taken place.

    PPP states crossover votes was part of it, but Schneider won by over 2000 votes - it wasn't even close (I don't think that many dems voted for Santorum in all of Michigan). PPP also states that they ran negative messaging polling on Sheyman as well - what were those numbers? Who took the poll? Were they 3/3s, 2/3s? Were the liberal, moderate, or conservative dems who completed the poll.

    I think this is a major problem moving forward, especially since PPP will be conducting polls in major contests this year.

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