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View Diary: Trayvon Martin: A teachable moment about institutional racism and subjectivity? (82 comments)

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  •  I see the race factor (0+ / 0-)

    as relative, so that's why I wrote what I wrote. It's endemic to our culture or this "reasonable person" legal argument wouldn't work on a jury of peers. Because our culture is racist, inequality under the law gets applied to races. Our culture is also misogynist (not as much as Islam, but more as the fundigelicals take their last stand). Hence inequality under the law in a good many cases for women. Etc., etc. Cultural prejudices are always reflected in the institutionalized inequalities of their endowed societal governments.

    There are no "neutral" principles at work here, in my view. The shooter was the aggressor, Tray didn't beat him senseless with his bag of Skittles. One cannot claim to be the fearful victim if one's actions are those of the armed aggressor. THAT is "reasonable." That our judicial system isn't the least bit "reasonable" is sort of "Duh." It never really has been.

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