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View Diary: Trayvon Martin, White Denial and the Unacceptable Burden of Blackness in America (279 comments)

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  •  "But not all Conservatives are racist!" (6+ / 0-)

    That seemed to be the theme common to most comments yesterday from Conservatives. "I may be Conservative, but I'm not racist! YOU are, for noticing race at all!"

    Until Conservatives admit that their language and portrayals of most black men are racist, they have the blood of this boy on their hands. If you cross over to the other side of the street when you see a young back man heading towards you, you are part of the problem.

    The belief that young black men are BY DEFINITION "suspicious" and threatening is embedded in the sentencings of our criminal justice system. Conservatives need to stop defending themselves as "not racists" and look at the effects of these pernicious beliefs! The hurt feelings and sense of being wronged by being thought of as racists is NOTHING compared to the injustice, suspicion, and threats that young and middle-aged black men face in this America. Until each American first says, "What can I do to stop this injustice?" instead of being concerned about their image first, they are part of the problem - because they do not recognize how bad it is.

    They say "cut back" - we say "fight back"!

    by Louise on Thu Mar 22, 2012 at 02:07:07 PM PDT

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