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View Diary: Media coverage of Trayvon Martin case should avoid the biased code words (120 comments)

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  •  I wore a hoodie in the early 1950s! (0+ / 0-)

    But then I wasn't black while walking so no one shot at me. I wasn't quite a teenager when I first remember wearing one.

    I wasn't close to be a fashionista for hoodies. My coaches in high school, who dated back to the 30s and 40s, routinely wore them -- as they did in college .
    As everyone here points out, they're an obvious adjunct in weather than might get a bit chilly or damp but that might not justify wearing heavier clothes. Say New England or Florida in February and March.

    You can layer up under it. It's versatile. But criminal is just stupid, especially when, as the first comment noted, the shooter was wearing a hoodie.

    Apart from all the other distracting nonsense, when did it become acceptable to have anyone die, have the killer (for whatever reason) just go home free without anything serious being done. Every death, no matter how justified or unjustified, deserves a full measure of attention.

    It isn't just the serious question of how Zimmerman walked, it's the in some senses the even more important of why is one young man and his family deserve to be treated with such disrespect in death.

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