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View Diary: (Updated x 3 w/Video) Conservative Blogger Resigns After Posting Disgusting Obama Image (190 comments)

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  •  Another Example (4+ / 0-)

    ... is George Orwell, who many conservatives and neoconservatives like - conveniently forgetting the fact that Orwell was, unambiguously, a man of the political left even as he didn't shy away from severely criticizing totalitarianism.

    Of course, Orwell himself experienced the brutal heavy-handedness displayed by the Communists during the 1939-1936 Spanish Civil War as I detailed in this long, two-part diary last year - "!No Pasaran!" - The Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the Fight against Fascism in Spain, Part I and Part II.

    So typical of conservatives to latch on to the legacy of progressives from the past, as you point out.

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