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View Diary: Black Shooter of White Victim in Florida Claimed "Stand Your Ground", still Arrested & Tried (95 comments)

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    Security guards aren't cops.    This is one reason ex-cops and ex-soldiers actually are not necessarily the best guard material.  What they really like is somebody mature and calm, who notices things.   Mostly though, a security company will hire anyone without a criminal record who shows up on time reliably...if they follow the rules.

    Chasing down a criminal and tackling them opens up the Security company to all kinds of legal risks for the physical assault done by their guy, not to mention possible medical costs and liability if the person he tackles pulls a knife or gun or is just some kind of martial arts expert and injures or kills the guard.

    If you pay attention during the training, you know that

    1.  Your salary is being paid by insurance companies, and most of what you are there for is to spot things like fires,  safety hazards and doors propped open by employees.

    2.  If you actually spot something illegal or dangerous happening your job is to let your dispatcher know. "Observe and Report".  They will call the cops, who are trained to deal with it (and make a hell of a lot more money, plus generally have good medical benefits).   Police and firefighters do respond very promptly when a dispatcher calls them in.  

    You don't even give aid to injury until you call it in.  (then you can, in the case of injury, to the limits of what any citizen can do)

    3.  You are given a uniform and a badge so people know that the property is being watched.  This deters a lot of crime and vandalism.   We did get the rudiments of what a gun-trained guard is supposed to do, it includes things like unloading your gun if you see a mob approaching to prevent it from being used against you.  Real gun certification is a big deal, and more like what cop training is, but you still aren't really supposed to ever even draw the weapon.  

    4.  Your health and safety is as important as that of any employee on the ground you're defending, and more important than the property.   You have to be alive to report what you see, and also, quite frankly, nobody wants to pay your medical bills.   Security guards are supposed to make insurance rates go DOWN.  That's why they're paid peanuts, they're paid only out of the rate drop for having them vs not having them.

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