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  •  My latest tactic (19+ / 0-)

    Is to ask a lot of questions.

    You know: that is very interesting: where did you hear that?

    Oh, it is someone's opinion: did you do any fact checking?

    No, that is another opinion piece: can you please tell me what are the sources of those figures?

    Did you read carefully and notice that those figures are actually at odds with the reliable data found here?

    No, that's not entirely accurate according to this official source: have you looked at these facts?

    There is a fascinating history of Social Security available on th government website: have you read it? So, you didn't realize that it was State Govt's that pushed the Federal Government to create the program? Would you like me to send you a link? Oh you don't have time to read about the facts? Do you think that its wise to form opinions about SS without knowing all the facts?

    Have you ever looked at the actual criteria for citizenship on the US Government website? No? That's too bad: it is very informative and can lay to rest your concerns.

    Can you cite the exact passage of the Constitution where that is stated?

    Can you tell me exactly how many times the word God or Jesus is mentioned in the Constitution?  What? Yes that's right, God and Jesus aren't mentioned in the Constitution at all. That's because the Bible doesn't provide the legal foundation of our nation.

    More in that vein....always asking for PROOF and/or making them doubt themselves for not checking facts.

    I find that by persistently questioning some of these people, I can get them to paint themselves into a corner and have them realize (however reluctantly) that their firmly held opinions are not rooted in reality.

    My hope is that they will realize that they are missing out on the facts, and that that can be dangerous for them. Casting the seeds of doubt....

    "No one earns $100 million. You steal $100 million." --Fran Lebowitz

    by SNFinVA on Mon Apr 23, 2012 at 09:46:18 AM PDT

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    •  You have to be careful when you do that (13+ / 0-)

      Some people get very defensive when you point out that there's nothing to back up their assertions.  

      It helps if you can get them to admit that it's not THEIR idea, it's just something they heard and liked. Then it become the OTHER that was wrong, not them.

      Something like 'Obviously THEY didn't think it through, or check anything. They just played off the fact that most people wouldn't check, and of course they don't want you to know they didn't do their research. That's why they made crap up.'

    •  Tried this tactic with my Klan, too (10+ / 0-)

      Inevitably when I start to make irrefutable truth sense, that even their common-sense can't refute, they start (sometimes literally) shrieking that I'm just trying to "indoctrinate" them with my evil, liberal agenda.  Fox and right-wing propaganda have already anticipated this push-back of facts and common-sense from our side, and have inoculated their indoctrinated base against allowing in any contrary programming.  Seriously.

      That's why any good, fair-and-balanced programming is automatically declared "radical, leftwing, America-hating" propaganda.   Any attempt to introduce facts that refute the outright propagandist lies promulgated on Fox News has already been neutralized by the indoctrination that every other news source is "lib'rul media", in other words, lying to advance our radical, communist, destroying America agenda.  So turn it off and shut it down, lest it woo you away from the wingnut congregation.

      I've wondered this for decades now.  How DO we break through this iron-fisted corporatist programming of our population?   I'm still wondering...

    •  historically this ends not in persuasion, (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      but,rather, with hemlock.

      blink-- pale cold

      by zedaker on Mon Apr 23, 2012 at 07:11:17 PM PDT

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