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  •  I absolutely love this diary (4+ / 0-)

    Those people on the other side of the fence are not evil, they are human just like you and me; for the most part they are misled and misinformed by a propaganda machine driven by self-interested set of want-to-be oligarchs.

    The Extreme Right specializes in us-vs-them black and white politics.  They think that is a strength.  I see it as weakness.    They built a wall of lies through mass media.  We can tear it down, but not with another wall.  The best way is one at a time.  One misinformed, misled, confused conservative at a time.

    Be patient, be kind, don't fall for the stereotypes yourself (the Right isn't the only place that happens I regret to have to say) and your blood pressure will thank you, and maybe those that you helped into the light will one day thank you too.

    It's worked for me.  It can work for you.

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