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  •  I drink raw milk (2+ / 0-)
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    Amber6541, dsteffen

    From my own goats.  I have never gotten sick (that I know of) from my own milk.

    That said I make cheese and yogurt with pasteurized milk and I HAVE got sick drinking raw milk from other people's herds.

    That's not to say mine is cleaner just to say that I'm probably IMMUNE to most of what's in it.

    My wife works for the Health Dept and one time she brought home this really old log and back before pasteurization a LOT of people got sick and the Health Dept had to run down outbreaks due to raw milk.

    I have no problem with people buying and drinking raw milk.

    The real problem I have is people saying it's somehow safer. It's not.

    On another forum I heard somebody say the good bacteria in raw milk kills the bad bacteria in it.

    There's a really sort of superstitious anti science element in the US these days.

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