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View Diary: Geraldo Rivera weighs in on hoodies and proves he hasn't gotten any smarter (202 comments)

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  •  The Right Wing noise machine is searching (0+ / 0-)

    They are searching for a way to tell the teabag crowd that they don't need to feel bad for Trayvon; and in fact they should be frightened of Trayvon, and of people who look like Trayvon, and of people who support Trayvon's family and demand action against his killer.

    The right wing noise machine can't allow its audience to see minorities as individuals, as human beings who suffer because of bigotry.  Its audience must always see minorities as a nameless, faceless Other that they must fear.

    The right wing noise machine will cast about until they find some way to tell their audience that they do not need to think about or care about Trayvon Martin.

    Here is what I think their argument will be:  Liberals are hypocrites because black teens kill black teens ever day and liberals say nothing.

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