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    I had to think about the last question. I've lived in CA the past 25 years...about three more years than I lived in New York (and I have no intention of ever moving again so in a couple of years my answer to this question would be different). I SO wanted to check California but I guess you're supposed to be honest on these things, right? And I wouldn't want a lie to skew your data.

    I kind of wish I could see a tornado...from a safe distance (if there is such a thing).

    We do have them occasionally in CA, even in the Bay Area. There was a waterspout off of Ocean Beach right here in SF last winter; a few years ago a small twister did some damage in the city of South SF...barely missed the house where a friend of mine was living at the time. What we don't get are the sorts of things that make horrible headlines.

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      I lived in San Francisco for nearly ten years without so much as a thunderstorm. A big huge earthquake, yes, but our wind almost always came from one direction.

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      •  The creepy thing is that we've been getting them (3+ / 0-)
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        more often in recent years.  As a native Michigander, I grew up with thunderstorms and kinda missed them.  On the rare occasion when there was lightning around here, people would talk about it at work the next day.  But now it shows up a few times a year - nothing by midwestern standards, but strange for SF.

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