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  •  I have a similar issue... (18+ / 0-)

    ...but suspect for different reasons.

    do own a NOAA radio -- I don't use it -- because I get zero reception.  I'm in a bit of a geological bowl -- any reception is difficult
    I live in the urban version of a geological bowl...I live close to the geographic center of my city's downtown area, and I'm so close to so many broadcasting outlets (including TV signals intended to reach half my state) that the signals cancel each other out or override each other.

    I can see four different roof-mounted TV & radio towers/dishes from my apartment (some no more than a block away, eye-level with my place) and could walk to the station and listen to the broadcast live in person faster than I could tweak the signal on any equipment I own.

    The highest-powered local radio signal overwhelms almost everything else; I can hear it on a dozen frequencies on my near-useless AM/FM radio. The NOAA band is 90% static.

    OTOH, I can rely on internet unless it (or power) goes out region-wide, since all the cables are buried in my part of town. Plus I can rely on updates from my Dad, who can pick up Coast Guard chatter on his scanner (I'm less than 2 miles from a CG base).

    Fortunately for us, we're more hurricane territory than tornado territory. Hurricanes give more advance notice.

    "When did it fall apart? Sometime in the '80s / When the great and the good gave way to the greedy and the mean." - Billy Bragg

    by Vacationland on Fri Mar 23, 2012 at 12:24:34 PM PDT

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