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  •  IRB WARNING (0+ / 0-)

    Before you re-post any findings back here, you will need to check with IRB and include both the comments from the original thread as well as your instructions.  You will be publishing the findings of a purposive sample directly to the participants in a public forum.

    Here is why- IRB's central mission is to protect respondents from harm.  There is a low to moderate risk when collecting data using a purposive sample in which findings are to be reported directly back to respondents-especially if the data opens people up to personal attacks from other respondents or reveals sensitive information.

    If some troll decides to be an asshole, you could have problems.  However, you probably will not get busted because it would be very difficult to tell on you-but, you know how the online world can really screw people over-so play it safe.

    •  Then they need to scrub this whole assignment. (1+ / 0-)
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      We have to give this survey to the people in our research methods class, and then report the results back to them. That's reporting results back to respondents -- IRB territory, supposedly.

      If someone wants to report me, I invite them. I'm within the law. Make my day.

      •  No, in class is different (0+ / 0-)

        unless it is sensitive.  then the would likely not approve it.

        •  It's an in-class homework assignment (1+ / 0-)
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          that 1) teaches us about surveys, and 2) helps to teach us how to input data into SPSS (a statistical program). It's not meant to be scientific, nor is it going to be published in any official report, article, or journal.

          Just a simple homework assignment.

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