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View Diary: Flip-floppers unite: Jim DeMint 'excited' by Mitt Romney's candidacy (50 comments)

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  •  it is possible for an entire state to lose its (0+ / 0-)

    collective mind? SC started the civil war, their planter aristocracy having gone batshit crazy, with the election of one A. Lincoln. that they never had even the proverbial snowball's chance in hell of winning didn't stop them, they were bent on self-destruction.

    150 years later, and SC seems to not have ever recovered its sanity, electing inane republicans, bound and determined to move the state back in time, and to hell with the bulk of the citizens who would like jobs and education. of course, at least 51% of SC's voters put these clowns in office, so it must be mass insanity. maybe spraying the state with prozac would help?

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